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Grants & Scholarships


We believe this project will change the face of a community, a city and a church and is a good match for Organizations, Foundations  and Trusts resources.  As such we are seeking funding by presenting the wonderful benefits and rewards that will be enjoyed by our communities based on the accomplishment of this project by soliciting funds via grants and scholarships.





Tribute Gifts

Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, or promotion, the arrival of a new grandchild, a wedding or anniversary, Mothers' Day, or another special day or event that’s close to your heart — these special occasions are wonderful opportunities to honor those remarkable people in your life with a Living Tribute gift to Rehoboth Open Bible Church.  


A Living Tribute gift also provides a lasting memorial to a departed loved one.

Matching Gifts


Many companies have programs where they will match an employee's gifting to a charitable 501(c)(3) organization.  In addition, with the help of  generous givers we have the opportunity to increase and leverage the value of our gifts. 


Engage your employer! Be a generous giver!


Help finance this wonderful privilege to change the face of the community.



Charitable Bequests

Many people want to use part of their estate to help charities they believe in—leaving a legacy of helping out the less fortunate, nurturing and  supporting other important causes.

One most important cause is spreading the gospel and sharing Christ.


This type of gift offers these main benefits -- Simple, Flexible & Versatile:

  • Simple:  You just need to add a few sentences in your will or trust

  • Flexible:  Making a bequest reduces the size of your estate, effectively leaving less money subject to estate taxes.

  • Versatile:  You can change the provisions in your will, including how much to donate and to whom, anytime before your death. A bequest becomes effective after death.


We hope you'll consider including a gift to Rehoboth Open Bible Church in your will or  living trustShould you choose to give, please call church office (718) 629-1419 or email to contact us

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