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About ROBC Building Project

Thank You

In order to continue to Reach our Broken City, we have plans for a new Multi-purpose facility.  This will be no ordinary facility.  It will provide a needed facelift and improve real estate values in our community, create jobs for our community and create an economic impact in Brooklyn and beyond.  We will change the spiritual atmosphere and awaken the hand and face of God in our lives.  Once completed, the Multi-purpose facility will house the following:

  • Sanctuary – That will house approximately 700 worshippers.  The sanctuary will double as an auditorium/concert hall, equipped with state-of-the art sound  and lighting systems

  • Banquet Hall – accommodating  300 people for weddings, conferences and other special occasions catered  to make your event exceptional

  • Youth Center & Athletic Facility – This will be a premiere venue for sports activities.  This facility will house an indoor High School size basketball court which will double as a roller skating rink and a venue for recitals and fine arts performances

  • This facility will also house a Daycare Center serving 75 children including special needs kids and young adults.  After School and Summer Camp,  Tutoring and Academic Enrichment, SAT Prep and College Prep services  will be provided


This initiative will enable us to take a major leap forward.  We are obligated to get involved, not only for ourselves, but for the next generation.  In order to meet these goals, we ask that you partner with us through your prayers and sacrificial giving by committing to a monthly partnership gift, so together we will share in the generous blessings that God has prepared for us.  Your commitment through your generous pledge will allow our vision to be fulfilled!  


Thank you in advance for your charitable contribution to this 501©(3) organization.  Your donation and involvement will change the lives of several generations and aide in the fulfillment of the vision for our community and beyond.  Join Us!  Partner with Us!



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Phase 1

Phase 2

Demolition Phase:

This phase will address preparing the property for construction will includes asbestos removal, and interior demolition.  The property requires a total overhaul.  We are also engaging the services on an Architect to develop designs and plans for project within the Building Department specifications and requirements and property limitations

Phase 3

Excavation & Construction:

Once building plans are approved, construction plans include:

  • Excavating basement to prepare for the construction of banquet hall with state of the art kitchen

  • Constructing and completing school for 2014-2015 school year

  • Construct sanctuary with proposed completion  for church's 37th anniversary 

Design & Development:

We have done the legwork and due diligence in reference to needs analysis and scope of work.  There have been many revisions and adjustments and we are finally at the stage of what the final design will be.  This design is what will be submitted to our building department for approval.  See above as to our proposed use of building


In this phase the final proposed design will be submitted to the building department.  While awaiting approval, we will concentrate our efforts on (1) Bidding & Request for Proposals of professionals needed to execute project and operate school and (2) our Fundraising activities.  We are endeavoring to seek funding through several channels: 

  • Capital Campaign Pledge Commitment

  • TD Affinity Bank Membership Program

  • Grant Writing & Matching Gift Donations

  • Internal  fundraising events

Phase 4

Sports Center & Athletic Facility:

Our final phase is to construct our Youth Center and Athletic Facility.  This will be a second floor of equal size as sanctuary hosting a indoor high school size basketball court (84 x 50) which will also double as a roller skating rink.

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